Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pink Layouts...................

For a long time I have been happily doing boys layouts...........until Danae came along, then I was thrown into the world of pink!!  But did I have any pink embellishments........NO!  So I would be happily scrapping away and go to my stash to get some pink, okay off to the shop.  Come back, bit more scrapping  and go to my stash for some pink ribbon, okay off to the shop.  You can see my problem.  Anyway you will be happy to know that I have now stocked up on pink and purple bits and pieces and can usually get through a layout without running off to the shop............too many times!!  I just thought that I would share this layout that I completed a few months ago.  Loving the woodgrain letters!!!

You know how everyone says that the 3rd child doesn't get as many photo's etc etc, well Danae has a layout of her clinic visits, but my boys don't!!!  I am trying really hard to make sure that I keep this up!!

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