Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Penny Black Stamps - Fresh New Day

I have had this set of stamps for a long long time!! And have used them once, no twice now! They are so cute!

Anyway yesterday our pet lamb.....yes it would be too easy to have a dog or cat, we have a lamb that needs feeding 4 times a day!!! It's like having another baby!! Stripes (that's the lambs name) decided that he needed an adventure and crawled out under our back gate into the free world......and onto the busy street.  All of this was happening while I was at work!  A kind neighbour doorknocked around until he found out that we were the owners and put Stripes back in his pen in the safety of our shed.   So I thought I would make a card, and insert a chocolate as a small token of our appreciation.

Note:  Stripes is an unusual name for a lamb don't you think?......Not if it has a blue stripe painted down his back by a mischievious 5 year old!!  It has worn off now thankfully!!

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